Common Cranes migrating south over Mogan

Migration is IMO one of the most fascinating aspects of bird watching. Different species know when to depart from their breeding grounds to seek more suitable habitats elsewhere. Now its migration time in Central Anatolia. Or well, it has been going on for several months now.

Water Pipit at Mogan

Whinchats, yellow wagtails, shrikes, several warbler species and flycatchers that were really numerous a month ago around Ankara have now continued their migration towards their wintering grounds. And it is fascinating how it all changes. One week you see hundreds and hundreds if Red-throated pipits, but all of a sudden they’re gone and replaced by hundreds of Water Pipits, and a week later they’ve also gone too.

Water Pipit at Mogan

Today I checked Mogan. The colder weather and lots of rain has come to Central Anatolia, and it has really pushed birds southwards. Today migration was very obvious with 3000+ larks migration south. Is was a nice combo of Calandra, Greater Short-toed, Wood and Skylarks joined by the local Crested Larks and lots of Corn Buntings.

Merlin hunting larks


Common Starlings


Common Cranes where also on their way south as several flocks passed Mogan along with Black and White Storks. I checked all the flocks for both Demo’ and Siberian Crane, but no luck today. Winter is coming and that means that new birds are also arriving. Today I actually got a new turkish tick – a Merlin was hunting all the migrating larks and the 10.000+ Starlings that are gathering around Mogan. Other interesting birds included several Stonechats and the local Long-legged Buzzards that really provide excellent photo opportunities.



Long-legged Buzzard


Long-legged Buzzard


Long-legged Buzzard



In the coming days Turkey will celebrate a holiday (bayram), so we’ll go to the mediterranean. Hopefully some excellent birding is ahead.

There’s a lot of military activity around Mogan



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