Lesser Flamingo (again?)

Lesser Flamingo at Kulu

We’re actually on a family holiday. But I managed to convince my wife that we had to stop at Kulu on or way from Ankara to the mediterranean. So we stopped there in order to show my two daughters all the Greater Flamingos currently present at the lake.

Before we arrived at the lake the lark show from Lake Mogan was also visible at Kulu. In fact I saw Greater and Lesser Short-toed Larks, Wood Lark, Calandra Lark, Bimaculated Lark, Crested Lark and Skylark within 10 minutes. Kulu really is the place to see larks!

Flying Calandra Lark


Bimaculated Lark

When we came to the lake we saw up to 1000 Greater Flamingos. My older daughter really enjoying them. And then BANG – one (or maybe the) Lesser Flamingo was foraging among the Greater Flamingos. It was rather distant, but I managed to get some fair shots of the bird. And both my oldest daughter and my wife saw the bird.

Lesser Flamingo at Kulu

It could easily be the same bird as I found there in the spring of 2011 (and apparently other birders have seen a Lesser Flamingo at Kulu several years ago). The bird was not as pink as the bird I saw last spring, but still it could be the same bird that has changed appearance due to moult, diet or other circumstances. Anyways, it is alway nice to hit the jackpot when you check large quantities for birds…

100% crop

There were actually not that many other birds at Kulu. Maybe 100 shorebirds (temminck’s stint, wood and green sandpiper, avocet, redshank, greenshank, lapwings, sanderlings etc), but nothing rare.



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