Larks and a Lesser Flamingo

Larks at Kulu

Today I went out bird watching with Mustafa Millidere, who is a turkish birder and photographer. We headed for Kulu (Düden Gölü) and the target was the Lesser Flamingo I found there a few days ago.

As we came to area we entered a lark-mekka. More than 3000 larks were present and they flew around in large but very mobile flocks. It didn’t take us long to find Wood Lark, Bimaculated Lark, Greater Short-toed and Lesser Short-toed Lark and Crested Lark among the wast numbers of Skylarks and Calandra Larks. We did out best to search for both White-winged and Black Lark, but they flocks were very mobile, so it was  not possible to do any systematic checks – and we didn’t stumble into either species.

Lesser Short-toed Lark close up

Lesser Short-toed Lark

After enjoying and photographing the 7 different lark species we went to check the flamingo flocks. And after a while I located the Lesser Flamingo as it was sleeping among the Greater Flamingos. We obtained good views for about 20 minutes before the flock took off! A few tick for Mustafa, so we was happy in deed.

Find the Lesser Flamingo – click to enlarge

Lesser Flamingo

Lesser Flamingo

David acting like Goliath

We then headed to Kozanli. On the way there we saw two Hen Harriers and some Long-legged Buzzards, but there were only very few birds around the lake – probably due to a lot of people fishing all around the lake shore. But we got some good shots of a Long-legged Buzzard.

Long-legged Buzzard

Long-legged Buzzard

Silas Olofson


3 thoughts on “Larks and a Lesser Flamingo

  1. I’ve cropped the picture quite a lot and I just uploaded another picture where you can see the head of the bird a little better. The pale over all impression without any rusty read colour, fine streaking on the chest, no markings on the flanks and heavy bill point to Lesser Short-toed Lark.

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