Bolu – more than raptors

Krüpers Nuthatch

It’s not only raptors that are present in Bolu. When walking around the old pine forests I almost felt like I was birding in the swedish forests – except that the Red Kites were replaced by Long-legged Buzzards and the White-tailed Eagles mostly were replaced by Oriental Imperial Eagles.

Great Spotted Woodpecker looks at the world from its hole.

But most birds were actually kind of Swedish’ish. Around the hotel Esentepe we did some birding. I soon found Green Woodpecker, Syrian Woodpecker and Great Spotted Woodpecker. Grey-headed Woodpecker also breeds in the area, but we didn’t manage to nail it – actually we flushed a woodpecker from a tree that probably was a Grey-headed, but at least I didn’t get good enough views to be sure about the id. Mustafa has photographed both male and female Grey-headed Woodpecker in Bolu before:

Green Woodpecker giving superb views.

Both White-backed and Black Woodpecker are told to appear in the area too, so it really is a good place for woodpeckers.

Around the hotel we also saw several Short-toed Creepers, Common Crossbills, a few Krüper’s and Common Nuthatches, Serins and Coal Tits.

Krüpers Nuthatch

We also went further into the forest. In the summer Green Warbler breeds there, but we didn’t see much except fresh Brown Bear pooh and some tracks.


Along a stream I found a Dipper, which was a new tick for Mustafa. After that we had to do some raptor watching and we saw 15 Oriental Imperials and 11 Black Vultures. Due to the improved weather the birds were more scattered, but we still managed to get superb views as the pictures how!

Young Oriental Imperial Eagle and a raven

Young Oriental Imperial Eagle

Long-legged Buzzard

Note how Long-legged Buzzards can resemble Rough-legged Buzzards!

Silas Olofson


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