Hatzeva and Lahav

Desert Finch

Desert Finch

After the Hume’s Owl experience we stayed one more night with Oded in Neot HaKikkare. After a good nights sleep we went birding in the Hatzeva area. We checked the Syrian Serins again and this time the birds gave much better views in perfect sunlight. Compared to yesterdays poor views it was almost like getting it as a lifer again.

Syrian Serin

Syrian Serin

Syrian Serins

Syrian Serins


Oded has made studies of both Southern Grey Shrike and Arabian Babblers behavior. So some birds around Hatzeva have become rather tame. For instance a Blackstart has been fed with worms every now and then. So Oded gave us some worms and we went to the Blackstart-place. And we soon located the bird – and when it found out that we had worms it went crazy walking less than a meter away from us. Truly stunning!



After finishing birding in Hatzeva we went to the Judean Desert in order to see the Striolated Bunting, but again we didn’t have any luck. The only addition to the trip-list was a Berbery Falcon.

Short-toed Snake-eagles

Short-toed Snake-eagles

Yoav had invited us to dinner before flying back to Turkey very early in the morning. On the way to Yoav we passed Lahav, where Emin saw Long-billed Pipit on our first day of birding. So we checked in once again. The first birds we noted were two Short-toed Snake-Eagles, that were hunting in the hills. After enjoying them for a while I started walking in the are and soon I got confused as I thought I heard the Long-billed Pipits, but their calls were mixed with Crested Larks and Skylarks. I went to check the sound and suddenly I flushed two Crested Larks, one Skylark and two LONG-BILLED PIPITS. Yes, finally I managed to see them. They are not exactly shy birds, so I managed to get a few pictures, even though they’re nothing to brag about.

Long-billed Pipit

Long-billed Pipit

Long-billed Pipit

Long-billed Pipit


After Lahav we went to Yoav, where we spent the evening in the company of him, his wife and their two boys. And at 01:00 we headed towards the airport – a very good birding trip to Israel had come to an end. Surely I’ll be back to this wonderful country.

Short-toed Snake-eagle

Short-toed Snake-eagle

At last I really wish to say thanks to Shachar Altenman, Amir ben Dov, Yoav Perlman, Jonathan Meyrav, Hadoram Shirihai, Itai Shanni and Oded Keynan for all their help with planning and carrying thou this trip.

We managed to see 159 different species on the trip (Emin flew a little later so he managed to add a few more species like Olive-backed Pipit and Monk Parakeet in Tev-Aviv). The species can be seen below:

1 Shelduck

2 Mallard

3 Pintail

4 Gadwall

5 Shoveler

6 Teal

7 Common Pochard

8 White-headed Duck

9 Chukar

10 Sand Partridge

11 Black-necked Grebe

12 Little Grebe

13 Yelkovan Shearwater

14 White Pelican

15 Great Cormorant

16 Nightheron

17 Straited Heron

18 Cattle Egret

19 Squacco Heron

20 Little Egret

21 Western Reef Egret

22 Great White Egret

23 Grey Heron

24 White Stork

25 Spoonbill

26 Greater Flamingo

27 Griffon Vulture

28 Osprey

29 Imperial Eagle

30 Great Spotted Eagle

31 Steppe Eagle

32 Short-toed Snake-eagle

33 Black Kite

34 Marsh Harrier

35 Pallid Herrier

36 Hen Harrier

37 Long-legged Buzzard

38 Common Buzzard (+ vulpinus)

39 Sparrowhawk

40 Kestrel

41 Berbery Falcon

42 Moorhen

43 Coot

44 Crane

45 MacQueens Bustard

46 Avocet

47 Black-winged Stilt

48 Stone Curlew

49 Ringed Plover

50 Little Ringed Plover

51 Northern Lapwing

52 Spur-winged Lapwing

53 Dunlins

54 Little Stint

55 Green Sandpiper

56 Common Sandpiper

57 Redshank

58 Greenshank

59 Curlew

60 Common Snipe

61 Arctic Skua

62 Black-headed Gull

63 Slender-billed Gull

64 Mediterrian Gull

64 Yellow-legged Gull

65 Armenian Gull

66 Palla’s Gull

67 Lesser Black-backed Gull (+Heuglini)

68 Little Gull

69 White-eyed Gull

70 Sandwich Tern

71 Black Tern

72 Whiskered Tern

73 Spotted Sandgrouse

74 Crowned Sandgrouse

75 Rock Dove

76 Collared Dove

77 Laughing Dove

78 Great Spotted Cuckoo

79 Pharaoe Eagle-owl

80 Hume’s Owl

81 Little Owl

82 Egyptian Nightjar

83 Nubian Nightjar

84 Common Swift

85 Pallied Swift

86 Alpine Swift

87 Hoopoe

88 Common Kingfisher

89 Pied Kingfisher

90 Little Green Bee-eater

91 Syrian Woodpecker

92 Skylark

93 Crested Lark

94 Short-toed Lark

95 Desert Lark

96 Bar-tailed Lark

97 Temminck’s Lark

98 Rock Martin

99 Barn Swallow

100 House Martin

101 Long-billed Pipit

102 Water Pipit

103 Meadow Pipit

104 Red-throated Pipit

105 White Wagtail

106 Yellow Wagtail

107 Grey Wagtail

108 Robin

109 Bluethroat

110 Redstart

111 Black Redstart

112 Isabelline Wheatear

113 Finche’s Wheatear

114 Mourning Wheatear

115 Hooded Wheatear

116 White-crowned Wheatear

117 Blackstart

118 Desert Wheatear

119 Stonechat

120 Sibirian Stonechat

121 Blackbird

122 Scrub Warbler

123 Graceful Prinia

124 Lesser White-throat

125 Arabian Warbler

126 Sardinian Warbler

127 Cyprus Warbler

128 Speckteled Warbler

129 Asian Desert Warbler

130 Reed Warbler

131 Chiffchaff

132 Great Tit

133 Southern Grey Shrike

134 White-speckled Bulbul

135 Palestine Sunbird

136 Arabian Babbler

137 Jay

138 Jackdove

139 Rook

140 Hooded Crow

141 Brown-necked Raven

142 Fan-tailed Raven

143 House Crow

144 Tristam’s starling

145 Starling

146 House Sparrow

147 Spanish Sparrow

148 Chafffinch

149 Linnet

150 Goldfinch

151 Greenfinch

152 Serin

153 Syrian Serin

154 Sinai Rosefinch

155 Trumpeter Finch

156 Desert Finch

157 Reed Bunting

158 Corn Bunting

159 Striolated Bunting


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