Day 4: Göksu Delta

Ortulan Bunting

Ortolan Bunting

We woke up at 5:45 and headed out to the Göksu Delta. Our primary target bird was Black Francolin and he didn’t even reach the area before we heard the first one.

Black Francolin

Black Francolin

We came to the delta and as usual really great variety of species were present. We found birds like Graceful Prinia  and Blackcaps all over the place.

We checked some scrub and found some good birds including Black-bellied Sandgrouse, Citrine Wagtails and Ortolan Bunting.

Heuglin's Gull

Heuglin’s Gull

Thereafter we went to check the beach around the river delta. There we found 3 Audouin’s Gulls, Heuglin’s Gull, Caspian Gull, two Gannets and two Arctic Skuas.

Arctic Skua

Arctic Skua

After checking the delta we got some food at a restaurant at Tasucu and went to relax a little at the hotel. An hour later we went out again. We went to look for Purple Swamphens and soon we saw a bird foraging in a reed bed at Akgöl.

Stone Curlew

Stone Curlew

Other birds around the lake included Great Reed Warbler, Ferruginous Duck 6, a few White-winged Terns, Snake-eagle several Lesser Grey and Red-backed Shrikes.

Red-backed Shrike

Red-backed Shrike

After seeing the swamphen we headed towards Hurma, where we saw two Stone Curlews, 4 Black Francolins, Black-crowned Nightheron, Little Owl and more.

Little Owl

Little Owl

All in all it was a good day we lots of good birds around.

Silas Olofson


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