Day 6: Göksu and Aladaglar

Eastern Olivacious Warbler

Eastern Olivacious Warbler

Today we headed for Göksu at first light. We had pretty much seen our target species in the delta, but at such good migration spot you just don’t know when new birds will arrive.

We started birding and soon we found birds like Citrine Wagtails, Eastern Olivacious Warblers, Rufos Scrub Warblers and more.

Montegue's Harrier

Montegue’s Harrier

At one point 15 Turtle Doves came flying in from the ocean – what an extraordinary sight. We then headed to the back of the delta, where we saw the first Woodchat Shrikes of the trip.

At one point a local turkish lady invited us in for breakfast and we accepted. That evolved into an awesome event, where we got to taste the best that the local turkish kitchen can offer. She even showed us her how they catch fish and she wanted to cook fresh fish for us. Her husband is a fisherman. As Rasmus and Bjøssi had seen what is most likely a seal off Göksu we asked if there were seals in the area. We got Rasmus’ mammal book and the fisherman pointed out Monk Seal. He had seen an adult and a cub for about a month now both laying on the beach at the very southern end of Göksu Delta in the morning and swimming off shore during the day. Monk Seal is extremely rare so it was very interesting to hear this news.

Turkish fisherman and his wife - and Yann

Turkish fisherman and his wife – and Yann

The turkish hospitality is simply outstanding. After more than an hour of eating, talking and relaxing we had to go, as we wanted to reach Aladaglar before sunset.

Wild Goats

Wild Goats

So we headed for Aladaglar, but stopped about 15 km south of Camardi at a promising looking site. There we found 3 White-throated Robins, Rufos-tailed Rock Thrush, 3 Lammergeiers, Eastern Orphean Warbler, Roller and other birds – not bad at all.

Bimaculated Lark

Bimaculated Lark (it is not a nest)

30 minutes later we arrived at Aladaglar and headed to a Emre Valley. There we found Red-fronted Serion, both species of Cough, a stunning male Black Redstart ssp. semirufus, two Peregrines, a Golden Eagle, two Rock Sparrows, Blue Rock-thrush and we also heard both Eagle-owl and Scops Owl.

Black Redstart ssp. semirufus (if semirufus can have this white wing panels)...

Black Redstart ssp. semirufus (if semirufus can have this white wing panels)…

All in all a very good day with good numbers of quality birds.

Silas Olofson


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