Blue-cheeked Bee-eaters


Close to Hilvan and the Ataturk Dam one of those birding hot spots is located that just blows your mind. On a small hill in the middle of a small village a mixed colony of Blue-cheeked Bee-eaters and European Bee-eaters is located.

Due to the location of the colony the birds are rather used to people ama amazing views can be achieved.

But if you plan to visit the place please be cautions. Do not stay close to the colony for too long. That scares the birds away and they are interrupted in their nursing.

A very good alternative is that you can get good views from the car. After just minutes the birds get used to the car and continue like nothing has happened. This will surely give both you more pleasure and then birds welfare is sought after.

All of the photos in this blog post are taken directly from the car.









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