About me and birding in Turkey!

My name is Silas Olofson. I come from the Faroes Islands, where I’ve been watching and studying birds since childhood. I really like rare birds and I’ve found more than 10 bird species, which were new to the Faroe Islands.  I have done a lot of birding for several years on the Faroe Islands and I also have field experience from Africa, the Middle East and North America. Furthermore I am a wildlife photographer using Olympus equipment.

White-throated Robin (Irania gutturalis) – a jewel among the turkish birds!

Silas Olofson


14 thoughts on “About me and birding in Turkey!

  1. Hi Silas,
    been reading your blogs for a couple of years now and with great pleasure! I just wanted to comment on your picture of a fox, which is of course a golden jackal.

    • Hi Ferry!

      Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I need to get some mammal books I guess… Well, the last tiger was seen in Turkey in 1923, so I’d better be able to id the next one, when it comes 🙂


  2. Hello Silas, I enjoyed your pictures very much. My husband and I are living in Kusadasi at the moment, our “hometown” actually being Bend, OR, USA. I am very interested in bird photography and never leave home without my camera. Unfortunately, my lack of knowledge prevents me from always knowing what I am photographing.

    Susan W.

  3. Hi Silas

    Greetings from Tanzania. Liz and I will have a few days (4 o 5) in Istanbul in early January 2014 on our way to our daughters wedding in the UK. Need advice on WHO to contact, what web site / blog is available in English so we max our birding time. Quite happy to pay for a guide. cheers. Neil

  4. Hi Silas,
    I’m going to Western Turkey from 23/04 to 08/05, so I’ve carefully read all your posts, and it was delightfull. Superb pictures. Actually, I’m a friend of Yann, “the french snowman”, and I was in Iceland just after your Turkey-Georgie trip last year. Very happy to read a complete story of this incredible trip !
    Well, on 30/03/2013, you ask what kind of snake it is in Goksu. IMHO, it’s Malpodon monspessulanus, very common snake around the Mediterranean.
    The rodent in July 2013, I can’t be sure. Looks like Arvicola terrestris which is probably present in Ankara. I can show it to mammalogists here.
    Hope I’ll see the Ketupa near Antalya. Are the touristic cruise on the river efficient enough, or is renting your own boat (with a captain ?), as you’ve done, a better option ? Any name of a compagny ?
    Well, I should be very glad to have more informations on your Olympus equipment. Pictures are so wonderfull !
    Best regards

    • Hi Frank

      When it comes to the Ketupa, you can see the bird from a regular cruise, but renting your own boat increases the chances a lot as you have more time and you can check more sites (but the prize increases as well).

      I use a Oyumpus OMD-EM1 camera with a Zuiko 300 mm F2.8 and either 1,4 or 2,0 x teleconverter.

      Best regards,


  5. Thanks Silas. By the way, I’ve read this morning that Malpolon monspessulanus has been splited in 2006. Eastern form is now considered as Malpolon insignitus, with M. i. fuscus being the one you find in Turkey.

  6. Hello Silas,

    I am birder and filmmaker and I would like to talk with you about about one of your images on this site. Please email me



  7. Hi Silas,
    It is so wonderful to find your site. My husband I have been visiting Turkey off and on for the last 10yrs and I really enjoy your blog. I have not found any books in the U.S. specifically on birding in Turkey and the books we have come across in Istanbul some years ago are limited and expensive especially in English. Would you recommend some or is it easier to go online.. can you suggest some other blogs or sites?… Thank you so much.. Love you work.

  8. Dear Silas, i like very much the photos of your blog.
    i have a question : i go to Istanbul from 15th of septembre till 22nd and I am looking for a good place to look the migration over the Bosphorus. may be be can you help me ? or may be there is a birdwatcher club where i can ask a guide he can help me or coompagny me ?

    thank for answer and congratulations for your blog, Martial

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